Why having passion in business in not enough.

About 6 months ago I realised that I has become bored at work. 2019 was an incredibly painful and joyful year. We celebrated 10 years in business at Raise Bakery and the same time my Mum, with whom I had started the business in her kitchen, retired.

Now I guess you may be sitting there thinking, who is this dick that runs a bakery and get bored at work? He makes cake.

Well let me tell you, it’s not all sunshine, rainbows and skipping around eating chocolate and singing songs like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Sure, we’re not selling plumbing equipment (no offense to people that do that), we are selling cake but it struck me that I am living a life many would dream of and I am a miserable git. Those who know me personally will know I am generally an up beat guy, I love to have fun and a laugh and I know how to knuckle down and focus. I could not figure out why I felt so low.

Then one day it hit me. After giving myself a kick up the backside and taking a moment to practice gratitude for my life. I realised I had lost sight of why my business existed. Why did I dragged my arse out of bed every day to turn up to work?

The concept of WHY your business existed was first introduced to me very clearly by Simon Sinek. I’ll let him explain the ins and outs in this video but what I got in that moment was that baking cakes for the sakes of baking cakes was not exciting for me. I need something that was going to light a fire in my belly, something more meaningful, more impactful. So I asked myself the first, and what I believe, one of the most important questions any business owner should ask themselves:

What positive impact can my business have on the world? What difference can I make?

OK, technically that’s two questions….

Why is this important? Because the world of business is evolving. Government’s cannot be relied on alone to make positive changes in this world, it’s up to businesses of all sizes to start to make changes to help us all live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Be it social enterprise, profit for purpose, impact investment, businesses worldwide can have a profound impact on their communities, environment and people. It was in that moment that I saw that my bakery is not just a bakery, it’s an opportunity to make a profound impact in the world. Whether that be creating spaces for people to feel loved, equal or safe or creating sustainable supply chains that give back more than it takes. The possibilities are really endless.

We spent time getting really clear about our vision and mission for Raise Bakery. It had to be created and inspired by my team because everyone in the business has to live and breathe it.

So in conclusion, passion for your business and industry I would say is always very important but so is being up to something big that will make even the smallest positive impact on your community be that your local area or the world!