How I can help?

You’ve probably come here thinking how I can help you?

I work with a wide range of businesses to support them from start up all the way through to fully functioning businesses to help them gain clarity on their goals, objectives and what it will take to get you there. I have a proven system that I know works that will have you on your way to having the business of your dreams and living the life you love. Why am I so confident, because I have done it many times over. I have learnt the hard way and my job is to help you not make those same mistakes.

It’s important to mention that your journey and your business are unique to you and I am not the right person for everyone. There may be people out there who are a better fit. The only way to do that is to have an exploration call with me to figure that out.

1. Mindset and motivation

Running your own business takes grit and determination. It’s not for everyone and the amount of effort and energy you need to put in will depend on the results you want to achieve. Most entrepreneurs and business owners have an amazing ability to PR themselves and their business to make it look easy. When you dig into the journey and story surrounding a business and get the authentic truth it’s often fraught with issues, breakdowns and lots of sweat and tears. This is the reality. I understand the hardships related to owning a business, I have been there and got several t-shirts.

Here we work on your mindset and establish if you have what it takes to be a business owner and if you don’t what it will require for you. This is about your mindset and what motivates you.

2. Objectives and goals

When you start on any journey you need to fully understand what it is you want to achieve. This is a very important step and will set the expectations of what you need to deliver. We will talk specifically about how you are going to do that later on. For now this is teasing out of you what you want, often this centres around finances and how much you want to earn, this is very important and valid. In addition to that there is way more to owning a business that just making a profit, without that you cannot survive. I work with people and businesses that are up to something this world, they want to make a difference

3. Offering and adding value

It’s very likely that if you are reading this you have thought long and hard about what you are going to be offering your customers whether that is a product or service. It doesn’t matter if you have already launched, this is an ongoing process you should conitnuely look at.

Here we are going to understand what you are offering and to who. This is where we dig into your target audience and understand who is going buy your product and how best to fit your offering to suit their needs. This is all about offering a solution to a problem they have. The next stage is to look at how you are going to add value at every stage of your business to benefit your customer. This makes it much easier to sell you product or service.

We will use proven techniques and methods to get to the bottom of what you offer and how it values. This is then distilled down to a clear vision and mission statement and how you will make this come to life in your business. This is critical to inform you, your customers and team what you are all about and will help make decision making your business easier.

4. Finances and money

Arrrghhhhh! Run! He’s talking about money. Chill, a lot of people find this part really tricky. I used to really struggle with it. I am here to make the process as easy as possible. This is one of the most important steps in the process and sometimes the hardest.

Here we create a clear financial plan for your business. If you already run a business this will start with an assessment of your financial health. If you are a start up this will start with your financial goals, how much you want to earn. We then work from that point to get your finances in tip top shape and educate you to understand the key financial measures so you can have total confidence to deal with the business finances.

5. Strategy

At this point we’ve got you in a place where you are raring to go. You have got clarity about your business, offering and finances. You’d think this step would be first but we need to do a little bit of leg work first to get to this stage.

This is the biggest part of the journey and is about giving you direction and purpose to deploy your resources in the most effective way. We are going to look at the market you operate in, your competitors, resources and goals and how it will be implemented. It’s more complex than we can explain here but we understand what is required to develop a solid strategic plan to make your business a success.

6. Marketing

You’ve got a great product or service, you know who your customers are, now it’s time to communicating that effective with your target audience to get them to purchase form you.Your mind may jump straight to things like paid search advertising, search engine optimisation or social media. This is not what this step is about, those are effective tools for implementing a marketing strategy and an important step we look at later.

Marketing is a central function of any business and hugely important. Marketing is about attractive and retaining customers. This will follow on nicely from the strategy document as market focussing on creating and communicating value to your customers. Once we know that we will look at marketing planning and the strategy to implement it effectively (yes, now you can talk about Facebook and Instagram) and we will use proven tools and techniques to do just that.

7. People management and organisational culture (Optional)

This is an optional step because you may not have employees. If you do then this is an important step. Here we look at your attitude towards being a manager and leader within your business. These are two separate things and deeply important. We want to understand your leadership style and how to create an inspiring and motivating culture for your team.

8. Dealing with breakdowns and problems

This is an ongoing exercise and would require regular contact time with myself and you. You may not be in the financial position to do this, that’s cool. What I intend to do is work with you to set you up to go out to the world being able to deal with the inevitable problems you will face in your business.